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Wall Played Collegiate LED Wall Art

by Devin O'Neill April 26, 2022 1 min read

Western Michigan University LED Signs

When we started Wall Played several months ago we knew that we had a special product and part of our long-term plan was securing official licensing for collegiate teams. Being so new to this process, none of us knew what to expect - it turns out it's a very involved process that takes time - which is difficult for us when we are itching to release collegiate LED wall art.

The good news is that we have officially secured our first licensing deal with Western Michigan University. This milestone is extra special for the team here with one of our own being an alumni. This means that we have access to create the entire suite of branding from WMU and make LED wall art from it and can request custom items.

The next big question we get is, "Are you planning on expanding to include more schools and sports teams?" and the answer is HELL yes! Licensing takes time so we are just waiting on the green light from schools to allow us to sell their licensed content.

In the meantime, the best ways to insure that your team or university's LED wall art makes our list is to share our WMU wall art with anyone a fan of or attending Western Michigan University, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us along on social media.

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