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Making wall art for you makes us happy. Get in contact with us today if you have questions about our products or would like to make your own custom wall art item.

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General FAQ

Standard shipping time is 5-7 business days.

It is not recommended. Our signs would be okay under a covered patio or porch, but not completely exposed to the elements.

Our wall art lights-up via a 12v power cord to a wall outlet. We do not have a USB plug.

The power cord that comes with the order is 48in (4ft) in length. If you need a longer cord you can find one here.

Yes! Fill out the form above with as much information as you can to see if we can fulfill your request. Please allow for 48 hours for a response.

No. Some paints or surfaces are not compatible with any type of decal or adhesive. Examples include popcorn walls or heavily textured walls.

Decal installation is accessible to everyone. However, the ease of the application process depends on various factors, with patience being a key factor in ensuring a successful installation.

YES! Even if you don’t think the wall is dirty it is worth cleaning the surface so that the adhesive has the best chance of adhering and there are no surprise bumps under the vinyl when finished. We recommend using Windex (spray directly to the rag and not the wall) or a wet cloth to clean the wall and then make sure that the wall is dry before applying your decal.